Using mirrors to reverse your car?  

Training interrupted by injury?

Scared to move because of pain?

Welcome to Massage in Cumbria/MuscleMatters.    These questions are some of the issues people have been coming to see me about for over a decade.  Click on a question to find out more. 

I offer a comprehensive,  tailored and highly successful hands on therapy approach designed to assist you back to full mobility and function so you can:

  • keep active and mobile into your later years

  • keep your fitness regime and training schedule on track

  • keep on top of repetitive work stresses and strains

My aim is to help you keep fit, mobile and pain free using a combination of Deep Tissue, Remedial & Sports Massage, EMMETT Technique and Active Isolated Stretching.

Recommended by physiotherapists, GPs, fitness instructors, sports people, desk workers, manual workers, gardeners, musicians, OAPs and many, many others.

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