DSC01060I have been practising as a Soft tissue Therapist for over a decade and have built a thriving and well-established practise at the Lorton Street Clinic in Cockermouth where I have treated people from all walks of life, all ages and levels of physical fitness from accountants to athletes, gardeners to golfers, Mums to mountain bikers.94. CNHC Quality_Mark_web version - small

Life is too short to spend it laid up and fed up and so my aim is always to get you back to full fitness as quickly and safely as possible and to give you the tools you need to keep yourself flexible, mobile and active.

I love learning and continue to deepen my study of anatomy and soft tissue techniques.  I have recently qualified as an Emmett Technique Practitioner and am incorporating this into my treatments with fantastic results. Treatments typically combine Emmett Technique, Remedial massage, Active Isolated Stretching, joint mobilisation and corrective exercises.  The neck is an area of particular interest to me.

I am passionate about the power of touch and its wider benefits to our well-being and run courses in relaxation massage for family and friends in order to promote nurturing touch within relationships. Following the floods in 2009, I helped set up the Flood Therapy group to offer stress relief to people who had lost their homes and businesses.

When I am not working I enjoy rambling, rowing and playing the fiddle - though not all at the same time!



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