Remedial/Sports Massage

Remedial & Sports Massage has many benefits and can treat a wide variety of common muscular ailments.  It can be used to target specific problem areas or to relax the muscles more generally.  It’s benefits go beyond sporting injuries – it’s not just for athletes!


  • relieve muscular pain and tension
  • breaks down knots and scar tissue
  • improve range and ease of movement
  • increase mobility
  • restore function
  • prevent injury or reinjury
  • flush out and clear the muscles of toxic waste
  • improve general sense of well-being
  • promote relaxation

“After a course of treatment with Maureen, my overall mobility and well-being has seen a great improvement.  The nerve pain in my hip has gone and I can now enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep and go walking again.  My husband says I am a new woman!  Thank you, Maureen, so glad to have the benefit of your therapy.”  EL, retired

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