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Indian Head Massage

Head massage has been part of daily life in India for a thousand years.  Women first developed it as part of a relaxing and soothing routine to keep their hair lustrous and strong.  Barbers gave champi (an invigorating head massage) to their male clients.  Indian Head Massage as we know it today was extended by Narendra Mehta to include upper arms, shoulders, neck scalp and face.

As well as being hugely relaxing, Indian Head Massage may also assist with stress-related symptoms such as

  • anxiety
  • jaw clamping
  • tension in neck and shoulders
  • tender scalp
  • sinus congestion
  • headaches

The next course will be run on Sunday 15th October and you can download a booking form here.

Massage Courses

Taster courses on relaxation massage for family and friends and for those thinking about entering the industry.  As well as covering basic theory, the courses are designed to help you develop your skills to safely and confidently massage others.  No experience or anatomical knowledge is necessary.  Current courses include:

  • Relaxing Hands – basic Swedish massage skills (full day)
  • Runner’s foot and leg (half day)
  • Indian Head Massage (full day)

If you are interested in any of these please email to let me know and I will contact you when the next course is running.

“As amateurs who massage each other regularly but not terribly competently, we
now know what we are doing and can be far more effective!  It’s such a great feeling to be able to relax someone so completely – friends are queuing up for more. We will
definitely be back and would highly recommend the course to anyone.” LC, Cockermouth

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