It’s Much More than a Massage!

Massage tends to come under the category of an indulgent treat.  Clients often say they feel guilty when telling others they are coming for a massage and quickly follow it up with “…but it’s much more than a massage!” That’s why I’m on a mission to rebrand the work I do as Soft Tissue Therapy and was delighted when Soft Tissue Therapists were listed amongst those thanked by several Olympic athletes in 2012. So, what is Soft Tissue Therapy and what are the soft tissues?

Put crudely, the soft tissues are the squidgy bits!  From the outside in that includes skin, fat, connective tissues (tendons, joint capsules, fascia) and muscles.  Wikipedia defines Soft Tissue Therapy as “the assessment, treatment and management of soft tissue injury, pain and dysfunction primarily of the neuromusculoskeletal system.” Our bodies are 70% soft tissue and the therapist with excellent anatomy and palpation skills can pinpoint problem areas caused by occupational or sporting injuries, tension and stress.  Deep massage, stretching, mobilising and realignment techniques used in concert work to reduce pain, optimise function, posture and performance, prevent re-injury and flush out underlying causes.

So next time you’re coming, tell your friends it’s Soft Tissue therapy and it’s a necessity not an indulgence.

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