It’s that time of year

I’m looking forward to my annual visit from my favourite client.  Last year, despite his workload, Santa was in reasonable shape.  It transpired that he’d religiously been doing the back mobility exercises I’d given him.  He’d had the odd twinge now and then but nothing of any major concern.  In fact he was looking rather svelt for Santa Claus and he happily told me that he’d taken my advice and started a regular Pilates class.  All of this was helping to get him in shape and keep him in his usual jolly humour.  I was delighted when he told me he’d been spreading the word and that a number of letters had come in from people wanting to give gift vouchers as Xmas presents for friends and family.  The great thing about a voucher, he said, is that it doesn’t require a trip to the shops or storage afterwards and it gives a loved one the opportunity to benefit from professional, experienced hands that can help them enjoy pain free flexibility so they can easily bend down to put the turkey in the oven and reach up to put the angel on the Xmas tree.  Santa himself has ordered several vouchers this year for Mrs Claus to help her relax after the busy Xmas period.  Ho! Ho! Ho!  Merry Xmas.

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