Santa Baby

My favourite client has been in for his usual pre-Christmas maintenance.  He’s been spending a lot of time bent over his work bench making toys and his neck, shoulders and upper back were feeling stiff and achy, he had a sharp, stabby feeling between his shoulder blades and was getting pins and needles in his hands when driving his sleigh.  After testing, I decided to use Emmett technique and applied gentle, direct finger pressure on specific points in the affected muscles.  Afterwards he said his neck felt freer, he could turn further and lifting his arm was easier.  Second session, the stabbing pain had gone, the pins and needles had decreased significantly and would I look at his poor old knees as climbing up and down chimneys was getting harder.  He had difficulty fully bending his knees and ankles so I treated thigh, shin and calf muscles and helped his core and foot balance.  Shortly after, I received the sweetest note saying he was feeling more like his old youthful jolly self and was so impressed with the Emmett technique he’d like to book on the next Emm-tech day on Sunday 29th January so he could learn to help himself and Mrs Claus too.  I can’t wait!!  Merry Xmas all.

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