More Space Please!

Space comes at a premium these days and, like everything, more space means more money.  It’s nice to have space to move around in comfortably however when we don’t have it we adapt and downsize to suit the smaller dimensions.  And so it is with our bodies.  Constant gravitational pressure coupled with muscular tension creates compressive forces within the body and effectively makes us smaller and squidges everything together.

One of the first principles of massage I was taught was to create space in the body.   Loosening compacted, adhered muscle fibre and shortened connective tissue and remodelling scar tissue to be more flexible allows the soft tissues to relax and soften.  This helps the bones to move apart and decompress the joints giving more ease, fluidity and range of movement.  It also reduces the load on articular cartilage and possibly the potential for unnecessary wear and tear.  Pressure on nerves and blood vessels is released allowing for freer brain to muscle communication and better circulation.  As we upsize into a more spacious body we walk taller and step a little lighter.

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