“Doing too much over a long period whilst renovating a large house and garden had left me with damage to a hip and shoulder. Conventional physio, acupuncture and exercise classes all had little or no effect. Life changed when I went to see Maureen. During a thorough and detailed consultation and examination, Maureen "got it" - the first professional to really understand not only how and where I hurt, but why. Using a variety of techniques she has made a phenomenal difference. For the first time in years I can sleep through the night without having to take painkillers and a full range of pain-free movement has been restored. Maureen has changed my life; I will be eternally grateful to her.”

JH, Gardener,

"With regular visits to Maureen our bodies remain flexible allowing us to pursue active lives. Through her depth of knowledge she is able to pinpoint areas of tension, free them with massage and leave us feeling relaxed."

S&P Graham, Cyclists,

"Maureen’s advanced massage techniques have freed me from pain and restored full movement in my back and right shoulder. I am delighted with the result and only need an occasional maintenance treatment."

E Woodcock, PA, Tallentire

"Maureen has always been able to resolve my problems. As a self employed builder of no young age I know only too well that even the best machines in the world require maintenance and my own increasingly fragile frame has been and will continue to be the subject of this most wonderfully gifted lady. Greatly impressed!"

TC, Builder,

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