Pain Relief

Aches and pains occur for all sorts of reasons – injury, inactivity, postural imbalances, over-use or misuse and can happen to anyone at anytime.  Over the years I have successfully treated people suffering from a wide range of ailments from head to toe.

Treatments are tailored to the individual and specific techniques are used in concert to get the best and quickest results.  These include a combination of Emmett Technique, Remedial Massage and various stretching techniques which act to relax and lengthen compacted tissue helping to restore optimal balance of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system and healthy joint function.  This can help reduce pain and improve mobility, function and performance.  Postural education and corrective exercise is part of the process and gives you the relevant knowledge you need to prevent recurrence.

Advertising rules do not allow me to specify specific conditions however I am always happy to have a chat with you to see whether I can help.

Call or email me to see if I can be of assistance.


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