Training interrupted by injury?

The last thing you want when you are preparing for an event is to have your training put off course because of injury.  Having worked with people across a wide range of sports from beginners to elite amateurs and semi-professionals, I understand how essential it is to get back on track as quickly as possible   Using a combination of Sports massage, Active Isolated Stretching and Emmett Technique I can help you back to full recovery with a minimum of lost time.

Maintenance treatments are a valuable addition to your training regime.  Prevention is easier and cheaper than cure.  Regular treatments nip niggles in the bud that might otherwise develop into more serious issues as well as enhancing your performance by keeping your muscles in top condition, preventing injury, re-injury and muscle fatigue.  An essential part of your preparations so you can perform to your expectations.

“Maureen’s assistance during my Iron Man training was invaluable.  I couldn’t have completed it without her knowledge and understanding of what I needed at each stage of my training programme and then resume my normal training straight after I’d completed it.” SB, Preston

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